Using Computers Effectively
© 2013 Stan Yack

For many years I have helped people learn how to make effective use of their computers, teaching them how to:

In our increasingly technological age, we must all be students — young and old, at school and at home and at work. Our computerized tools change ever more quickly, and we must often learn new methods just to keep ourselves from sliding backwards.

I have helped many people accomplish that learning: I've designed and constructed e-learning courses; I've taught classroom and online courses to college students, seniors and IT professionals; and I've conducted personalized training sessions on computers and other modern tools.

I can do those things because my training as a computer softsmith and an educator has prepared me to act as a demystifier. My experiences with computer applications and software gave me a broad technical foundation, and my teaching experience has disciplined me to listen attentively and recognize what students really need to know.

Most computer users know as much about the inner workings of their computer's hardware and software as they do about their car's electronic ignition. With my good "desk-side manner" as a professional demystifier, I help clients understand in their own terms what caused their computer problems, how those problems can be fixed, how to recognize problem recurrences, and what to do when problems reappear.

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Stan Yack
Instructional Designer and Softsmith