CINT901 - Introduction to Gerontology
© 2013 Stan Yack

I performed the instructional design and HTML construction for this Ryerson University course, adapting the lecture notes of a subject matter expert and experienced classroom instructor. Another Ryerson team member edited some graphics.

The objective of the course is

"to provide an understanding of the influence of Canadian and world demographic trends on the community services for the elderly; to assess the influence of recent Canadian research in the field of aging, on the community services of the future; to examine innovative and traditional programs administered both by government and private agencies in the Western industrial countries and to evaluate their relevance for Canada."

The course includes two online quizzes and two major projects. It encourages and requires substantial student interactions with other students, as well as the community outside the school.

Students are evaluated based on their project work, their scores on the online quizzes, and their contributions to online discussions.

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Stan Yack
Instructional Designer and Softsmith